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I hope that your week has gone tremendously well.  The topic for today is how to work and homeschool.  My personal situation is a little unique.  I am a single mother, I homeschool, work 2 part-time jobs, and go to school full-time.  First, I will tell you how I am able to do this.  Then, I will present some other options that you can consider.

My hectic schedule works (and pretty well too!) because I organize with other homeschooling parents in my community to teach my son for part of the day, and in return, I teach their children for part of the day.  He also attends piano lessons with another parent and her child while I am at work.  Both of my jobs allow me the flexibility to study at the office; so, I use this time wisely to stay on top of my schoolwork.  Also, one of my jobs, which I work on the weekends with a non-profit organization, allows me to bring my son with me.  He even helps me at work.

The take-away from my set-up is that if you work together with other parents, even if they are just “sitting” for you part of the day, your child(ren) can have a rich homeschool experience.  Also, they get that fun “socialization” component in!

Now, here are some other options to think over:

  • Start a homeschool collective or co-op (while this link is for a Catholic Co-op, I think that the information is relevant for groups of any religion)
  •  Run a website with items for sale
  • Teach English online
  • Work at home as a call center rep
  • Make jewelry (or other craft items) and sell them on Etsy
  • Clean houses or offices part-time (and take your children)
  • Tutoring from home
  • Instrument lessons
  • Become a licensed childcare provider
  • Join a MLM like Avon or Mary Kay and host parties
  • Host an Exchange Student
  • Substitute Teach
  • Website or Graphic Design
  • Pet Sit
  • Make Gift Baskets or Floral Arrangements
  • Become an online educator (for an online K-12 school, for a college/university, or independently for a subject you are an expert in, i.e.: writing a blog, hosting webinars, and doing consultations for that subject)
  • Creating and teaching an online course independently with a site like schoology or coursesites and collecting payment with PayPal

What are other ideas that you have for how to work and homeschool?  Please share!

All Best,

Nikala Asante

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  1. Such a great post! You have hit upon the central issue facing homeschool parents–especially single parents–by addressing the daycare issue upfront. We are fortunate here to live in a place where homeschooling is a norm, so businesses and museums and such are catering to homeschoolers with daytime programs like art, science, etc. That is a big help to me as a work-at-home parent because I can squeeze in work while our son gets to learn and hang out with other kids.

    1. Pamela,

      Using local businesses and museums as help with homeschooling while working is a great idea. This option can help many single moms. Thank you for reading and responding! Best to you and your family.


  2. Thank you for posting this. I am in the process of preparing to home school my children and your site is very helpful.

    1. Thank you for reading! I wish you success and peace on your homeschooling journey. Best to you and your family.


  3. Thank you for this blog. I do not have children yet, but my kingman and I plan to home school our youths when they do come along. I’ve been seeking knowledge and overstanding and before your blog hadn’t come across information I was seeking on African-centered curriculum and just a practical look at homeschooling from a perspective similar to mine. Bless up yourself, sistren. Continue the good works. Guidance and protection to you and yours.

    1. Thank you, Sierra! Blessings to you and your family as well. :)

  4. […] Personally, I am a single mother who works part time during the year and full time during the summers, attends school, and home schools my son.  Thus, I have had to be very innovative in my approach to home schooling.  I use a combination of the three methods that I have listed below.  If you struggle with making money while home schooling, visit How to Work and Homeschool. […]

    1. Thanks for the tips. I am trying to be innovative as well for my high school son.

      1. You’re so welcome! Thank you for reading!

  5. Awesome ideas!!!!

  6. You can try being a virtual assistant or signing up for Fiverr. If you need any help, just email me at Awesome site! Thanks!

  7. Awesome ideas, like this post. Thanks for the tips. I am trying to be innovative as well for my high school son.

    1. My pleasure! Thank you for visiting!


      Nikala Asante

  8. Loving this post

    1. Thank you!

      Nikala Asante

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