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Many Black parents want to create a culturally astute homeschool for their children, but do not know where to begin.  Unfortunately, there is not a ton of packaged curricula available that begins in ancient Africa and follows the Diaspora to modern times.  The great news is, there are committed young people working to make this happen.

One such brother is Dr. Samori Camara of New Orleans, Louisiana.


He founded and continues to maintain an African-centered homeschool collective, Kamali Academy.  Kamali has received national press for its effectiveness, in publications such as Source Magazine.  Dr. Camara has also published a book and many videos to assist parents with home education.  In addition, he provides online classes in subjects such as Mental Math, The Civil Rights and Black Power Movements, and Afrikan Literature (the “k” in Afrikan representing African people all over the world, rather than only on the continent).

Presently, Dr. Camara has continued his path of creating a strong body of resources for home educators by building a detailed K-12 Curriculum.  The entire collection can be purchased for immediate download at a cost comparable to purchasing one subject textbook for one child.  Preview or purchase the curriculum here (

While it is important to have guidance, it is just as crucial that we continue to compile pedagogical ideas and curriculum that we feel are relevant to the canon of African-centered education.  As we share that content, we can expand the amount of information available for future educators.

All Best,

Nikala Asante


Nikala Asante is a mother, college student, martial artist, yoga lover, poet, painter, and vegan who enjoys sunlight, Africana studies, and working with children.


  • Jacqueeia

    I can use this as a legit curriculum or is the in addition to whatever homeschool program I choose? I’m new to this and looking for any and all helpful information. thank you

    • nikalaasante

      Hi Jacqueeia,

      It is a great supplement to a homeschool program. Private message me if you are having trouble finding a good homeschool program. I know that Time4Learning is great for covering the core classes on track with the national standards.

  • Yaa Ashantewaa Ngidi

    Greetings I am so happy to find out about this amazing work. How do I get a copy of the curriculum? Please keep up the GREAT WORK! HARAMBE!

  • Concerned

    Is this curriculum CCSS-aligned? We are not looking to align with the government’s “standards” for our children for multiple reasons and do not support such initiatives.

    Thank you in advance for your reply,
    A Concerned and Independent Parent

    • nikalaasante

      No ma’am – it is not core standard aligned. Apologies for the slow reply.

      Love and Light,

      Nikala Asante

  • devineoshun

    Blessed Love, This is awesome information. Truly interested in receiving more information on the available curriculum and info. Is there teacher/ classmate interaction via online? Or is it just the curriculum for independent use with our youths?

    • nikalaasante


      Thank you. Via the Kamali curriculum, there is no interaction; parents implement the curriculum with their groups of children. It is not for independent use – it is for parent use with students. Blessings!

      Nikala Asante

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