Kamali Academy’s African Centered Grammar Book


Now that Kwanzaa has come and gone, it is time practice the Nguzo Saba (Seven Principles) year-round.  One of my personal favorites is Ujamaa, Cooperative Economics and Familyhood.  In the spirit of Ujamaa, I would like to recommend to you today a wonderful African Centered Grammar Book that has been put together by a powerful brother, Dr. Samori Camara, and his motivated group of students.

Download the free sample pages and try them out with your scholars this week.  The book is geared towards middle schoolers, but can work for advanced younger students or high schoolers who need to brush up on grammar as well.

May we all be as inspired as Dr. Camara to use Kuumba (Creativity) this year in creating culturally-sensitive lessons and materials for our scholars.  Please keep me informed of what you create, so that I can share your information with others, in the spirit of Umoja (Unity).

Visit his site here or click the picture below for more information.

Available in hard copy or e-book formats.
Available in hard copy or e-book formats.

Best to you and your family,

Nikala Asante

Nikala Asante is a mother, college student, martial artist, yoga lover, poet, painter, and vegan who enjoys sunlight, Africana studies, and working with children.

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