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I would like for Black Homeschool Mom to represent a collective of Black homeschooling mothers – that means we need YOU!  If you would like to contribute a post with methods, insights, lesson plans, or other homeschooling resources, please e-mail a write up of at least 350 and no more than 1000 words to

We look forward to hearing from you!


Nikala Asante


Nikala Asante is a mother, college student, martial artist, yoga lover, poet, painter, and vegan who enjoys sunlight, Africana studies, and working with children.


  • Gertrude Lewis

    Thank You so much for offering the website to “US”-Homeschool Mom’s of Color-I am a new homeschool mom starting about 4 months ago–after the brick and mortar school seemed to be railroading my 7 yr old son into a label of “violent”. I have so much to learn and look forward to learning more from your site. We can’t leave the education of our children in the hands of those who are not vested in their future! Thanks Again -GL Hart

    • nikalaasante


      Thank you for visiting! This site would not be relevant without parents like you visiting and using the information. Let me know if you would like to submit a guest post with what you learn during homeschooling your 7 year old. Best to you and your family.


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