Seven Principles of Ma’at for Children

Truth – Always tell the truth.

Justice – Always stand up for what is right. If you see someone doing something wrong, stop them or tell an adult.

Harmony – We breathe because trees give us oxygen. Everything on earth is in harmony. Take care of nature.
Never litter.

Balance – Don’t eat too much or watch too much TV. Always have balance.

Order – Respect your parents. Respect your elders. One day, you will be an adult and you will want to be respected too.

Reciprocity – Be nice to people and make friends with people who are also nice to you.

Propriety – If you are at school, know that it is time to learn, not play. Be on your best behavior everywhere you go.

– Nikala Asante, Character Building for African Centered Scholars, Grades 1 – 4

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Nikala Asante is a mother, college student, martial artist, yoga lover, poet, painter, and vegan who enjoys sunlight, Africana studies, and working with children.


  • Sarafina

    At what age did you start home schooling your son? How did you start ? Was it expensive ? I’m just going back to school for my associate degree and I work as well how did you make the time and money to do homeschooling ? Sorry I have so much questions but this is something I really want to do for my boys .

    • nikalaasante


      I started homeschooling him at the beginning of his first grade year. In the beginning, we were part of an African centered co-op (Sankofa Academy) which provided most of our support during transition. We paid tuition for the co-op, which was discounted because I taught there. It closed after about a year because the directors moved up to bigger educational ventures and I just continued homeschooling. It was not expensive because I found free and cheap books to use by perusing community centers and used bookstores. To make the time, I prioritized homeschooling and partnered with like-minded friends. My first year away from the co-op, another homeschooling mom split the day in half with me where she taught both of our boys half the day while I was at school and working my work-study job, and I taught them the other half the day while she handled her affairs. After school, I would take them to the community center for recreation. I wasn’t making much money for my first few years homeschooling – just living from my financial aid and work-study for the most part. I also did other things part time like graphic design, illustration, web design, etc… You can do it, sis! Believe in yourself and don’t worry so much about the money. Just make enough money to take care of your family’s needs.


  • Charlene

    Thank you for this post! I have been looking for ways to teach my boys the importance of being a great person no matter who is watching. These principals are perfect!

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