• Ms. Holiday

    Thank you I surely. Just started with kamali academics I am still in proceedings and a tad behind. I am going to look here for Nevada rules now I been teaching at home but do not know how to properly. Do attendance etc

  • Djah Doll

    You are truly a beautiful ,amazing and inspiring woman. I just recently came amongst this site two days ago and have been glued ever since. To say that you have brought wings to me is an understatement. This site is like a tall glass of fresh coconut water,both quenching and nourishing. In this blog , you have provided guidance to questions I have had forever. The stories, the imagery ..Oh, It is so very delicious. <3 I want to thank you for being exemplary …for putting in that work to create a lifestyle for your family that many sit still doodling about and then for having the complete nerve to share your recipes. No excuses, life is as sweet and juicy as we make it. Thank you so much for this reminder thru your journey Sister Nikala . All the love, and light to you and son and to any one you touch along the way. Many blessings <3


    • nikalaasante

      Hi Khadijah,

      Thank you sooo much, sis. The good you see in me is a reflection of the beauty and amazement that you are! I am thankful that what I’ve shared has been of benefit to you. I share because my heart and spirit calls me to share, but your response affirms to me that it is of good use and motivates me to share more. Please let me know if you have any specific questions that I can answer. Blessings ten thousand fold to you and your family!


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