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I’m Scoopin’ it!



A dear friend told me about this awesome site a while back called Scoop.it.

He says, “There is this site where you can create an online magazine for free…”

I was sold!

Scoop.it is a vehicle to bookmark and share links about one topic, with your insight on each link, all on one nifty page.  The neat thing is, the site will recommend links similar to the ones that you post each day so that you can find even more info about this subject that you are so passionate about.

Today, I would like to share with you my Scoop.it online magazine, Education in the African Diaspora.

You will find education news here as well as links to lesson plans, printables, and more…

And maybe, you will start your own Scoop.it page and share it with me. :)


All Best,

Nikala Asante


P.S.: I am not getting paid by Scoop.it for this post, but if Scoop.it is open to paying me, I’m open to cashing checks. :)